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Wallis, Jim ed. Ware, Ann Patrick. Weltge, Ralph W. West, W. The premise of the project is that pastors and church leaders can change negative attitudes towards gays and lesbians if they are presented with adequate, nonjudgemental material and discuss all issues in a devotional framework. The methodology included a minute videotape documentary dealing with historical, psychological, medical, ethical, and biblical material broken into seven study periods. Booklets for leader and students give additional information.

Discussion starters and open-ended questions are provided to facilitate dialogue. Two groups were studied.

Measurements before and after the course indicate significant positive shifts in attitudes, perceptions, and value systems by all participants. It was determined that less hostility was registered and more understanding demonstrated. Wigney, Trevor J. The author outlines an agenda for action" which includes the development of a more positive theology at all levels in the Australian context, open acceptance of gay people in the church, including ordination, and the provision of better pastoral concern and support for gays, cluding action on civil rights.

He also advocates that the churches' use their disciplinary structures against those within them who propagate hate against homosexuals using inadequate theological iews to support such activities. Five landmarks that will be characteristic of the emergence of gay Christian spirituality are offered. Zanca, Kenneth J. Ann Arbor, Mich. UMI number , Zullo J. It is also argued that the message comes from, and appeals to, a certain class in society, upwardly mobile whites, who want their presuppositions affirmed and not challenged.

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The position is only bad news to the poor and members of minority groups The Moral Majority is a theology and ethic designed tobuttress the status quo as perceived by the middle class. Caraway, Carol, "Romantic love: neither sexist nor heterosexist", Philosophy and Theology , 1 p Summer Michael, "Patriarchy, dualism, and homophobia: marginalization as spiritual challenge", in Homophobia and the Judaeo-Christian tradition ; ed by M Stemmeler, p Cleaver, Richard and Patricia Myers, eds. ABSTRACT: Most religions are concerned both with the maintenance of an orderly distinction between their members and outsiders and with the promulgati on of moral rules restricting and regulating sexual behaviour.

The moral conde mnation of homosexuality, bestiality, and transvestism by religious leaders bri ngs these two concerns together, for it is the result of attempts to maintain o r defend religious and ethnic boundaries. Those forms of sexual behaviour whic h appear to destroy boundaries or collapse fundamental categories such as male and female, humans and animals are condemned and punished because they are a metaphor of social "implosion", i.

Fears of social "implosion" are to be found when a rel igious or ethnic group Thus the persecution of those detected in homosexual, transvestite, or bestial acts is likely to be most intense during times when vital boundarie s and identities are felt to be in danger of extinction.

Homosexualität - die ethische Bewertung durch die Gesellschaft - eBook

Dawson, "Putting a face on homosexuality: Why don't Christians treat homosexuals like human beings? DeWitt, Robert L. Fortunato, John E. Gibson, Boyd, "Experiential teaching designs for discerning and addressing fears about homosexuality" in Annual of the Society of Christian Ethics , ; ed by D Yeager, p Hardesty, Nancy A. The dualisms of mind over body and of males superior to females are identified as sources of intense homophobia in the churches.

Intense male bonding at the core of the ecclesial system has reinforced female inferiority, while the ideology of heterosexual marriage as sacramental or blessed covenant has required denial of the homoerotic element among males.

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The thesis is that strong women and gay men--i. Heyward, I. Wrestling with Questions That Challenge the Church Focuses on such questions as what if the real sin is homophobia and not homosexuality; what will the church do with the growing scientific evidence that same-sex orientation is neither an illness nor a matter of choice; and what will the church do with the increasing realization that gays and lesbians are not a "they" but a WE? Hoffman, Richard J. Johnson, Paul R. Eaves, Gays and the New Right: A Debate on Homosexuality This written debate is an attempt to determine what the Bible, God's inspired word, teaches about homosexuality.

Jung, Patricia Beattie and Ralph F. The authors investigate scripture and tradition along with the experiences of gay and lesbian Christians and emerging social groups regarding sexual identity. Their investigation supports the view that reformation of the Christian sexual ethic is both possible and necessary. Atheist attack which sums up a certain strand of anti-religious thought in the Gay Liberation movement. Mason, Raz, "The price we pay for homophobia with hetrosexual questionnaire reversing questions frequently asked of homosexuals ", The Witness May Millar, William R.

This is the story of a journey from one such closed world to a view of the self and the Divine that is sensuous and mystical, that recognizes the beauty and goodness of the human core, and that works for social change from a centered self. Rice, Howard R. Rosan, Laurence J. Smidt, Corwin; Penning, James M. Several conceptual problems associated with previous studies of the topic are noted, and data which circumvent such problems are analyzed in order to assess more adequately the true nature of the relationships under study. Smith, Nadine, "Homophobia: Will it divide us? The rift that homophobia could cause in the black community is discussed.

Michael Clark, eds. Leviticus and the prohibition of homosexual acts, T Thurston. Patriarchy, dualism and homophobia: marginalization as spiritual challenge, J Clark.

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Gays - a threat to society? Theological and ethical implications of homophobic violence, G Comstock. The evolution of pastoral thought concerning homosexuality in selected Vatican and American documents from , C Pilant.


The AIDS crisis: legitimation of homophobia or catalyst for change? Stine, Esther C. Homophobia: the overlooked sin, by H Rice. From the pulpit: homosexuality, by W S Coffin. Misogyny and homophobia: the unexplored connection, by B Harrison. Sexual preference: a postscript, by A P Bell.

Presbyphobia, by C Glaser. The problem of homophobia, by B Shafer. Gays and straights learning together, by G Svoboda II. One response to homophobia in the Midwest, by J Tolley. Statements adopted by More Light Churches. A short study guide to this issue, by E C Stine. Wagenaar, Theodore C. Yeager, Diane M. Zanotti, Barbara, "Overcoming the structured evil of male domination and heterosexism", in Jeannine Gramick, ed. Aardweg, Gerald J. Pace, D. Hayton, Bradley P. Anthony, James and Ian C. Ashley, Benedict M. Touchstone, Bawer is a gay Episcopalian and a "conservative" voice in the gay movement.

The book is wide-ranging, and includes much discussion of Christianity and homosexuality. Babuscio, Jack, We speak for ourselves : experiences in homosexual counselling , London : S.

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Thesis M. Berry, C. Bessler, J. Blue, Rabbi Lionel. Bouchard, Charles E. Bouldrey, Brian, ed. Buckley, Michael J. With foreword by John C. Westminster, Md. Manual for Roman Catholic priests.

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Attacks Bailey's refutation of homosexual interpretation of the Sodom story. Charles, Guy, "Gay liberation confronts the church", Christianity Today , 19 p September 12 Michael, Gay being, divine presence : essays in gay spirituality : the Ganymede papers , Garland, Tex.


Clemens, James T. Collins, Gary R. Conner, Randy P. A cross-cultural melange on gender and same-sex desire. Immensely popular among readers.

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Brown, ? High school textbook. Part on homosexuality repr. Cory, Donald Webster [pseud. Famous book which addressed homosexuality openly and with a good deal of personal knowledge.